There is literally nobody more qualified to serve as a justice of the peace than Judge Gerald A. Williams. A judge cannot apply the law if he or she does not know the law, and Judge Williams helped develop the procedures followed statewide for lawsuits, jury trials, residential evictions, constables, and DUI case processing. He now teaches these requirements to other judges and to attorneys and was even named the 2013 Arizona Justice of the Peace of the Year.
Judge Williams has been appointed by two different Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justices to serve on critical task forces and committees. He is also frequently sought out by the State Bar of Arizona. In these capacities, he literally helped write The Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure and The Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions. Although he sought and received feedback, he was essentially the only author of the Rules of the Arizona Constable, Ethics, Standards, and Training Board as well as the Civil Jury Instructions for Residential Eviction Actions.
North Valley Justice of the Peace Gerald A. Williams was appointed in April 2004. He was then elected to his current position in the fall of 2004 and was re-elected in 2006, 2010, and again in 2014.
Prior to his appointment, Judge Williams was the staff attorney for the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. While there he represented the commission in seven formal public cases against judges and helped review more than 500 ethics complaints against judges throughout the state of Arizona. He has also served as a staff attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Counsel's Office in Phoenix.
Judge Williams received an undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University and earned his law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. While in law school, he served as managing editor of Oklahoma Law Review.
Judge Williams began his legal career in the United States Air Force, where he served as a Judge Advocate General or "JAG." As an Air Force attorney, he prosecuted and defended criminal cases and served as a medical law consultant. Judge Williams retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel.
He has also been involved in community activities for several years and is active in Christ's Church of the Valley. Judge Williams volunteers as a trial judge for the high school Arizona Mock Trial Tournament, as a Law Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts, at the annual Phoenix Veterans’ Stand Down, and at the first annual Glendale Veterans’ Stand Up. His articles have appeared in various legal publications, including the Arizona Attorney magazine. He also writes a monthly newspaper column.
His most significant case as an Air Force prosecutor involved a Master Sergeant with 22 years on active duty who was convicted of rape, child molestation, and various indecent acts. His sentence included a dishonorable discharge and 20 years confinement. His most significant case as an Air Force defense attorney concerned an AWACS crew member who was court-martialed for negligent dereliction of duty for the friendly fire shoot down of two U.S. Army helicopters over Northern Iraq. The trial lasted 32 days, had 55 witnesses, and generated international media attention. The accused was found not guilty of all charges.
Judge Williams continues make the legal system more efficient and cost effective through his efforts to improve best practices and court technology. And, in spite of his workload increasing once by 30% in a single year, he has never requested an increase in the number of court staff. He is married and has a  daughter, who graduated from Arizona State University.